About Us

Maria Consultancy was a registered under the business name of “Maria Consultancy” London in order to promote international education and to represent reputed international education institution in United kingdom.

The purpose of our Endeavour is to encourage students to fulfil their educational ambitions in several disciplines by guiding them to select internationally recognized university and colleges. Students who thought studying in some of the best universities /colleges in United Kingdom, U.S, New Zealand, and Malaysia was a near impossible dream, today have realized that it is amazingly simple.

Our supportive teams of staff are committed to offer the student a friendly, vibrant, and efficient service which makes the full process easy for the student. We are aware that choosing to study overseas is an important life decision which provides career prospects and opportunities I experiencing new cultures, customs and ideas. All this and more is done absolutely free of charge.This is exactly what compels thousands of parents and students to come Maria Consultancy for Professional, ethical and non-commercial advice.