Our Team

Maria Consultancy is the educational consulting firm that provides strategic advising for students considering boarding and day schools, colleges, and graduate programs that result in higher percentage of successful admissions, scholarships, and awards for students.

Over the past 3 years, our consultants have helped hundreds of clients identify and gain acceptance to their preferred colleges. Admission rates for clients to their “reach” schools is 96% with many receiving scholarships and funding as part of the admission process.

Our Education Consultancy Team

At the core of Maria Consultancy is a team of dedicated, highly motivated and friendly Project Managers and Consultants. Our talented team has diverse backgrounds in education, business, project management, organisational development and change marketing, finance and more.

We are a dynamic team, with a national reach – we do whatever it takes to deliver. We pride ourselves on being highly commercial and forward thinking.

Our Values and Our People

At Maria Consultancy we believe in offering quality, accessible further education courses to meet student demands and expectations. In order for us to achieve our goals and overall ambition to be the number 1 provider of education consultancy in the UK, we rely upon our demonstrable ability to recruit a highly talented and flexible employees that fit in with the culture, ethos and values of our company:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Team Spirit
  • Excellence
  • Vision
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

We at Maria Consultancy have established a friendly but challenging team environment, where creativity and innovation are valued and encouraged at all times. We pride ourselves on the quality, dedication and motivation of our employees and our ability to fast track the careers of our star performers through developing their potential to become managers / experts in their field.

We have a strong focus on empowering each and every staff member to assist in decision making, suggest improvements and express their ideas through improvement forums, staff surveys. As a result, ‘our people’ are some of the main drivers of business change and are rewarded for their contribution to business development and continuity.

If you would like to know more about the Maria Consultancy Please email your details to info@mariaconsultancy.co.uk.