Our Partners

Following is the list of institutions we have partnership agreement with:

1. London School of Commerce (Highly Trusted)
2. School of Business and Law (Highly Trusted)
3. London School of Business and Finance (Highly Trusted)
4. London School of Management and Science (A Rated)
5. Quality Assurance (A Rated)
6. Grafton College of Management Sciences (Highly Trusted)
7. Williams College (Highly Trusted)
8. Swiss School of Management (A Rated)
9. CAMS College (A Rated)
10. Cranford College (A Rated)
11. Glyndwr University (Highly Trusted)
12. University of Ulster (Highly Trusted)
13. BBP University (Public Funded Highly Trusted)
14. Glucestershire Universityy (Highly Trusted)
15. Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College (Govt. Funded Highly Trusted)
16. London Merdian College (Highly Trusted)
17. St. Patrick’s College London (Public Funded Highly Trusted)
18. Holborn/KAPLAN College London (Highly Trusted)
19. Greenwhich School of Management (Highly Trusted)
20. Ethames Graduates School London (Highly Trusted)
21. Ealing College Upper School in Ealing London (Public Funded Highly Trusted)