Work Visa

This section provides details of the categories available to people who want come to the United Kingdom to work.

Point Based System (PBS)

This system is split into five distinct Tiers:

Tier 2 - Skilled workers with a job offer. e.g. nurses, teachers, engineers
Tier 3 - Low skilled workers filling specific temporary labour shortages. e.g. construction workers for a particular project
Tier 4 – Students

Work Permits

If you have a job offer from a UK Employer then you should consider an Employer Sponsored UK Work Permit. An employer sponsored UK work permit will allow you to work for that employer for up to 5 years and counts towards UK residency in the same way that the UK HSMP Visa was.

Home Office has established two tiers of work permit application. The main types of employer sponsored UK work permit are:

  • Tier 1 UK Work Permit - issued by Work Permits UK for professions that are on the Skills Shortage Occupation List. Tier 1 work permits in the UK require less evidence to be produced to prove that a person could not easily be found, as Work Permits UK have already recognised that there are a shortage of people in the UK with those skills.
  • Tier 2 UK Work Permit - For "new hire" type applications. An employer must provide evidence of advertising and of the candidate's skills and experience

Dependant visa

Work Permits and Visas for the UK are designed to allow your family to share the benefits of living here and they are very welcome.

When you make your application, be sure to include the relevant sections about your family. This may need separate forms for your spouse.

Once you are here, you can enjoy the same benefits as the British National.

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